Metacade (MCADE) to rival Web 3.0 games

SEC Crypto Regulation Rumors Do Little To Dampen Enthusiasm as Metacade Raises $16.4 Million Before April Exchange Launches

Metacade CEO upholds ambitious goal ahead of the main platform launch

Metacade has enjoyed a stellar rise since it started to list on exchanges

The token is attractive as Metacade embarks on roadmap

You might be scared – is it the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies during this prolonged bear market? It is reasonable to have this fear, but Metacade (MCADE) CEO Russell Bennett intentionally launched the ambitious Web 3.0 gaming platform in a bear market. Why? Bennett wanted MCADE to soar once the market turns bullish. Shortly after launching the presale, MCADE quickly sold out as investors saw a robust gaming ecosystem unrivaled by peers. Analysts have lauded the token as a 10x investment. There are potential reasons for it.


Metacade’s ambition in Web 3.0 gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, perhaps you have been looking for a platform with great earning opportunities and where your voice counts. There are hardly any you can find around. This is why Metacade was initiated.

Metacade aspires to become the biggest community-led Web 3.0 gaming arcade. As a result, it has outlined an ambitious roadmap that it seeks to fulfill. The early goals have already been hit, including the successful presale and listings on exchanges. MCADE can be bought on Uniswap, BitMart, and MEXC Global, with more exchanges to follow. 

One of the greatest reasons Metacade has grown popular is its earning opportunities. Unlike its predecessors, Metacade users can earn by competing in games, creating projects, and working on gig opportunities. Developers have a ready community for their creations and can have their projects funded through MetaGrants. In other words, Metacade aims to become a virtual one-stop shop for gamers, crypto fans, and developers. 

Metacade also seeks to avoid the mistakes of its predecessors – the lack of sustainability. The platform will harbor a launchpad where others can launch their projects and contribute to the revenue of Metacade. Others can also advertise on the platform and post jobs, making Metacade a self-sustaining gaming platform. 

Metacade CEO emphasizes an ambitious strategic goal

After the early successes of Metacade, CEO Russell Bennett is focused on delivering on the project’s roadmap. The Metacade Lite, whose countdown is barely 3 days, will usher in the main platform that will actualize the dream of building a thriving Web 3.0 community. That begins with the launch of the Creat2Earn platform in the second quarter, Play2Earn in the third, and Work2Earn in the fourth.

Metacade’s CEO has emphasized the need to create a great community and platform and forge partnerships to bridge the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 sectors for its users. Metacade Lite, which launches soon, is expected to actualize the ambitious dream.

MCADE’s price movement and what it means to investors

Just imagine a cryptocurrency launching in a bear market and retaining its value. According to Metacade CEO, the project and cryptocurrency, MCADE, launched in a bear market to keep off the distractions of speculation and hype. It has worked.

Unlike some tokens launched recently with a lot of surges and crashing thereafter, MCADE has maintained its value. The cryptocurrency trades in a bullish market at $0.024, higher than its final price at presale of $0.020. The current price happens in a market correction since MCADE recently hit a record $0.045. The correction reflects profit-taking activities, with the price steadily rising again as demand soars. 

It then means that the price of MCADE could recover to its previous level of $0.045 and surpass it as enthusiasm grows ahead of Metacade Lite launch. As such, the current price could be attractive to investors looking to buy MCADE on the dip.

Investing in MCADE for 10x return – is it realistic

There is no doubt tokens of very innovative platforms like Metacade can increase by 1000% within months of launch. Analysts have projected an even higher return for the token in 2023. A return of 10x is realistic, given that MCADE is already enjoying strong demand on exchanges, which helped the token rise 100% after the presale. It means there is still room for the token to run and could return big to investors.

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