Study Shows How to Boost Crypto Marketing Ads Attention by 65%

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In crypto marketing, businesses continuously seek strategies that catch users’ eye and ensure they get the best value for their advertising budget. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies gain traction, understanding how to market within this industry effectively becomes paramount.

A recent study reveals a technique that could be a game-changer for crypto advertisers and marketers.

Increasing Ads Attention by 65%

A new report by MAGNA Media Trials and Adlook has put forward some compelling findings. When video ads were optimized before a programmatic bid, a staggering 65% rise in attention was observed, gauged via Adelaide’s Attention Unit (AU) scores.

The AU metric leverages deep learning to measure an advertisement’s likelihood of garnering attention, assessing hundreds of quality signals, eye-tracking data, and outcomes.

Pre-Bid vs. Post-Bid Optimization. Source: MAGNA Global

This pre-bid optimization model contrasts the conventional post-bid method, wherein campaigns are enhanced post-bid. This traditional approach enables advertisers to gauge viewability and content positioning for subsequent ad placements.

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On the other hand, the novelty of pre-bid optimization lies in its ability to consider individual impressions’ AU metrics even before the ad graces a webpage. Subsequently boosting attention metrics and ensuring more economical ad spending.

Big Savings in Crypto Marketing

Crypto marketing professionals, in particular, could harness this method to bolster their strategies. In an industry where public perception, trust, and awareness are crucial, capturing and maintaining consumer attention becomes vital.

Indeed, this novel approach offers crypto-marketers a way to reach and engage their target audience more efficiently.

Pre-Bid vs. Post-Bid CPM and CTR
Pre-Bid vs. Post-Bid CPM and CTR. Source: MAGNA Global

In the wider digital ad market, the implications of this study are far-reaching. Advertisers witnessed an 18% cost-saving on CPM for display ads that underwent pre-bid optimization. Additionally, video ads optimized pre-bid saw a drop of 42% in costs per complete video.

Ads that Protect the Environment

As the urgency to reduce carbon footprints intensifies, integrating emissions data into this optimization process indicated a 28% drop in emissions per impression. Such advances underline that efficiency does not need to come at the expense of the environment.

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The content where these ads appear also shows a clear ripple effect. Pre-bid optimization lessens reliance on made-for-advertising (MFA) websites notorious for low-quality content and high carbon emissions.

The industry’s pivot away from such sites, motivated by the desire for quality and responsible investing, underscores a shift in priorities.

This paradigm shift in ad optimization emphasizes the importance of strategic foresight in the programmatic space. Therefore, crypto advertisers can ride this wave and ensure their campaigns capture attention in the digital age.


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